Lynx requires a permanent Internet connection and runs well with the following browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge. It does not work with Internet Explorer.

You can use Lynx on all Mac and Windows desktop and laptop computers and Chromebooks.

You can use Lynx on an iPad and Android tablets, however we strongly suggest you have an external keyboard.

User Guides

All about Registration and Accounts

How to Create a Free Trial Account

How to Convert a Free Trial Account to Permanent Individual

How to Create and Manage a School Account

Quick, Theme Based Activity Cards

Geometric Fun

Interactive Greeting Card

How to Create Secret Codes

Birthday Match


Create a Calculator App

Coin Toss Probability

Project Plans and Teachers' Notes

Story - Intro level for Students

Story - Teachers’ Notes

Race simulation - Intermediate level for Students

Race simulation - Teachers’ Notes

Video game maker - Advanced level for Students

Video game maker - Teachers’ Notes

Terry Fox project

Tribute Activity Cards

Converter Activity Cards

Step Counter Activity Cards

Terry Fox project - Teachers’ Notes

Resource Materials

Getting Started

Lynx Colour Chart

List of Lynx Primitives

Lynx Vocabulary and Syntax

Organizing Your Projects

Exploring Computer Science with Lynx

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