Why Code

Everyone should learn the basics of coding for the simple reason that coding de-mystifies the understanding of how software and apps are created.

Programming also requires people to organize their thoughts in a logical manner and this is a skill absolutely required for the most sought-after jobs not just programming work.

Code is rarely written perfectly the first time. This provides a wonderful learning opportunity as the coder can use problem-solving techniques to debug the code.

Computational Thinking is a popular concept these days and Algorithmic Thinking and Debugging are 2 key components of it.

OK, but why use LYNX?

There is a non-stop debate about the perfect programming language to learn or to try to predict what will be the most popular programming language in 2025. There is no right answer to these questions.

Some programming languages are better suited for specific tasks.

Some programming languages are better-suited for certain age groups. We think LYNX is well-suited for 12 to 15 year old kids.

The knowledge and skills learned using LYNX will transfer to other professional grade programming languages even though the exact names of the commands and syntax and punctuation will be different.